Shray Yoga


There are several schools of Philosophy in India and around the world which have their own way of explaining the mysteries of life and how to lead life in a blissful way.

The Indian Philosophy schools can be divided into two main categories called as

  1. Aastika

  2. Nastika

Grammarian Panini shows the etymology for the above two categories as

अस्तिनास्तिदिष्टं मतिः

Therefore, one can say one who believes in Parloka /Vedas/Iswara is called as Aastika and one who doesn't believe in them is called as Naastika

Following philosophy classes will be held depending on the interest of the students:

  • Chaarvaka Philosophy (Naastika)

  • Saankhya Philosophy (Naastika)

  • Yoga Philosophy (Aastika) etc.