Shray Yoga


Sanskrit needless to say is the most scientific language in the world . However ,unfortunately most of the Indian find it difficult to speak, read and write . The problem is not in the language but the way the language is taught under modern education, where grammar of the most scientific language is taught in a rudimentary manner .

There is shloka which summarises the importance of Sanskrit Grammar

कौमुदी यदि कण्ठस्था वृथा भाष्ये परिश्रमः। कौमुदी यद्यकण्ठस्था वृथा भाष्ये परिश्रमः॥

If Kaumudi(Sanskrit grammar commentary) is well understood then hardwork in Sanskrit Language is futile(not required).If Kaumudi is not well understood then the handwork in Sanskrit language is futile(won't lead to any results)

Therefore learning Sanskrit grammar is not only important but also mandatory in order to master the language .Without a solid foundation in Sanskrit grammar every book of Sanskrit will appear like a challenge and one will have to resort to the help of teachers to read them or in other words one will not be able to read any book in Sanskrit independently .

Alongwith learning Sanskrit grammar it is also important to learn proper pronunciation of the Sanskrit language and also the study of subhashitanis (the wise sayings) will be beneficial in inculcating Good impression in the mind

Therefore , I introduce the following ongoing courses of Sanskrit which will make a Sanskrit beginner proficient in the Sanskrit language with consistent study :

  • Basics of Sanskrit Grammar

  • LaghuSiddhant Kaumudi

  • Subhashitanis(wise sayings)

  • Yoga Sutras

  • Gita Saara

  • Ashtavakra Gita

  • Rama Raksha Strotram

  • Bhaja Govindam

  • Katho Upnishad. Etc

My earnest try would be teach not only the correct pronunciation of each and every word but also how every word has been coined .